Mice events Barcelona preparation 2020! Finally, the low season is approaching!


After a year filled with successful events and new collaborations, we are now preparing for 2020!
Our agenda is tight. We have networking events going and we are meeting old providers to catch up. Above all, we are meeting new ones to start fresh relationships. In other words, we are improving and staying on top of Mice events Barcelona.  In addition, we aim to provide the best corporate solutions as a DMC specialized in Barcelona and its surroundings!
Some of the products we are improving are the visits to the vineyards in Penedés. We are adding team building activities and hidden gems. We have also been privileged enough to taste most of the different cavas the region has to offer!
In a constant search for the absolute best tapas tour provider in town, the good news is, we have found them! We will keep this our secret for now, but our clients from this previous year have all been thrilled.
Other useful info from this season: The past year we have been moving more and more into setting up and organizing conferences, big and small. Our client spam starts with pharma and ends with the tech industry. We are aiming at keeping top relationships with all of the 4-star conference hotels that Barcelona has to offer. Furthermore we are spending time carefully studying meeting spaces. Furthermore, we still keep incentive travel in mind, keeping close contact with Barcelona´s beach hotels.
This pretty much wraps up 2019 and explains a bit of the goodies we are preparing for 2020 in terms of Mice Barcelona!
We will come back with more news after IBTM //www.ibtmworld.com/ which is just around the corner.
Exciting times, stay tuned!
Reach out to us on info@dmcsolutionsbarcelona.com
/Marta Bonilla Event expert from A to Z