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We help companies in all industries to organize their leisure time in Barcelona, as well as ensuring that everything goes smoothly on the day. When it comes to breakout activities, we offer countless options of workshops and activities in Barcelona. The purpose of these are to liven up a event, or just to break the ice between delegates. A team of creative and specialized experts has created programmes that have proven to be effective and fun. Refresh and energize your delegates with our help.

The activities we offer are the perfect way for the participants to spend their leisure time. They are tailor made packages based on the client’s preferences, time, levels of difficulty and interests.


Barcelona, being the capital city of the spanish province, Catalonia, has a lot of leisure activities to offer. The great weather conditions are a real advantage  for any outdor option, as is Barcelona´s cultural and gastronomic scene. 

As you can see, we have detailed our nine favourite activities in Barcelona. Needless to say though, we have endless options to choose from that cannot be found on the website. We aim to offer activities that suits all ages, differnt interest and different cultures. We have 10 years of experience and make sure we are always updated on what Barcelona has to offer in terms of activities and thus we can offer the right choice for any group! For any special needs, times and budgets wer offer tailor made packages. We can make duration shorter or longer and mix up one activity with another!

Let us know your preferences, and we will come up with the solution!



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