Sailing Regatta Barcelona, enjoy the Sunny Mediterranean Sea!

Sailing Regatta Barcelona is a fun, original and challenging group activity that stimulates the team spirit and communication among team members. Spending the day on the sunny Mediterranean Sea provides beautiful views on Barcelona and its surroundings, and is one of our top activities for corporate groups.

A regatta is a competition between sailing boats that follow an up and down course between two buoys after crossing the starting line, and is thus a great element of incentive trips. Each group gets its own boat and its own professional skipper who will explain each action.

This activity can be held any time of the year, only if it is too windy we need to exchange it for another alternative!

Before you start sailing, your team will get a thorough briefing in order to make you feel comfortable and ready. The committee boat organizes the starting procedure with flags and an acoustic signal. After crossing the imaginary starting line, each team under the supervision of an expert skipper tries to finish the course in the shortest time possible, following the rules of racing, fighting opponents, as well as wind and waves.

It is a very active and fun activity that involves the entire group and creates a unique team spirit among the crew members.

We recommend to finish it off at one of the fish and seafood restaurants in the port!

Needless to say we also operate sailing experiences for those who are not in a competitive mood! We also include stops for swims, lunch and drinks on our boat excursions! We operate with a fleet of many boats, with a capacity of up to 300 people maximum.



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