One of the most important CATALAN traditions: CASTELLS or HUMAN TOWERS BARCELONA!

To attain the objective for this activity all the participants need to become part of the team.  Good communication, leadership, rational planning, manages differences, good confidential environment and motivation techniques are also fundamental to be successful. Companies, professional groups, sports teams, students are some of our clients. We adapt our activity to every client’s need to be able to convey the best values to the client.

Human towers Barcelona is the perfect team building activity for corporate events and incentive groups. It is probably one of the best ways to get insight to the Catalan culture!

This  team building activity can be done wherever you wish; we only need a 5m3 area. We have previously developed activities aboard an ocean liner, in the desert, on the roof of a building, in hotels, traditional settings, beaches or in the streets.

The activity is divided into two phases, both of them of course supervised by the guides, all professional castellers.

During the first phase; the pinya, the base of the tower is formed. People forming higher levels of the tower move to a position from which they can easily get to their places in the tower. This is a slow and carefull procedure.

In the second phase, bands begin to play the traditional music, and  the upper layers of the tower are built as quickly as possible in order to put minimal strain on the lower castellers, who bear most of the weight. The disassembly, done amidst the cheering of the crowd, is often the most treacherous stage of the event.

As an option to doing human towers Barcelona as a team building activity, we work with several groups who performs as entertainment at our events, for example at your group´s gala dinner!



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