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Discover the secrets of traditional local cuisines during our COOKING CLASS BARCELONA!

Join our cooking class Barcelona,  and learn how to cook the typical dishes of the region and taste the menu prepared in a cosy atmosphere. Enjoy while cooking, play with the ingredients and savor the dishes you have prepared while learning.

Cooking lessons are hands-on, intimate, fun, informative and full of tips and tricks of the trade. You are therefore encouraged to discover and explore the tastes and textures of some of the finest ingredients from fresh fish casseroles (cassola) to “Mar i Montanya”. Continuing with rice dishes, fresh vegetables, green newly pressed olive oil, cheese and finally wine.

Our classes are designed for experienced and novice cooks. There are activities in the food preparation process for every skill level.

You will immerse yourself in the textures, flavors and scents of traditional Spanish dishes.

As an option we begin the morning with a guided tour of the Boqueria market where your chef will introduce you to the food culture of Barcelona. Learn how to select the best possible products, while we purchase the fresh ingredients that are to be used in the day’s lesson.

We also organise this part as a team building activity, where you can compete with your colleages on who can find the products on a list, make sure the Spanish and Catalan vendors understand you, and get back to the kitchen in time!

The guides leading the cooking class Barcelona are all trained chef and food lovers! Classes can be held in several languages upon request.

The options of venues are endless, and thus we are able to accommodate both big and small groups. In addition, special menus can be arranged and we can of course serve those with dietary requirements too!



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